About Us - Who we Are

We are a family owned and locally operating agency. Most of us live in the area we serve. For us, taking care of elderly or disabled is not a “job “, but rather a “mission”.
We believe the persons we care for are the most valuable assets to our community and they should be cherished and honored for their wisdom, knowledge and sacrifices they made in their lives.
Most of us in Angel Army, cared for a spouse,  parent, grandparent, or another family member.

Our mission is to help you whenever you need us - to uphold the dignity and quality of life of every individual in our care.

Our goal is to bring comfort and joy every day as we strive to provide excellent and loving care.

This organization is grounded in Christian values, where every life is precious and valued,
where every person is treated with compassion and dignity


Seniors or disabled are considered the most valuable members of our society, where every AAc employee treats their client with utmost respect as if they were their own family member, where people would feel “safe “ having the Angel Army care employee in their home

We can provide an hourly or live-in care.
There are no long term contracts and the care schedule can be adjusted  at any time.

Our patron is Saint Camilus de Lellis - patron saint of nurses and caregivers.